Terms & Conditions

Welcome to hippla.com. In this agreement you will find all the terms and conditions required before you can use the many features of hippla.com.

Hippla.com is a daily subscription service that offers customers global access to content that includes Games, Wallpapers, Ringtones. Once a subscription has been activated there will be no limit to the amount of usage or access you have to our content sites.

To activate a subscription to hippla.com you will need to follow the subscription instructions from https://hippla.com/. These instructions can be completed in a number of different languages and each customer has the option to decide how to complete subscription.

The first 24 hours of any subscription is FREE,

After the FREE 24 hour period is complete you will be charged AED 3.25/(day) automatically.

The daily charge of AED 3.25 is inclusive of TAX.

The subscription can be cancelled at anytime by following any of the following instructions, sending STOP HIPP to 1156, contacting us directly via our support email [email protected]

Refunds requests can be requested by emailing  [email protected]. All refunds requests will be considered by hippla.com using their discretion, any customer who has partially used the service will not be considered for a refund.